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Our screw piles are manufactured using high quality Australian Steel sourced from Australian companies to support local Australian Jobs. They are designed to Australian standards AS2159-2009 by our experienced structural engineer. All screw piles are installed by qualified piling contractors experienced in all piling techniques.


If you are building in an area with unstable soil or on a slope, you need the help of experienced piling contractors. For over 25 years, Allstate Screw Piling has provided quality screw piling services in the Melbourne area and all surrounding suburbs. We are a family-owned company and we specialise in a variety of screw piling services, including excavation works in preparation for screw piling and welding services such as welded plates to support bearers.

We have completed hundreds of screw piling installations for residential and commercial customers across Victoria. To see some of our work, visit our gallery

Our Screw Piling Services

Screw piling is an invaluable part of stabilising a building or structure. With screw piling, anchors are driven deep into the earth to support deep foundations. Screw piles replace the need for bored piers or concrete pads and stumps for timber floors. They have a high tension capacity because of their helical shape and can be installed on any angle. The installation process is quick, quiet and environmentally friendly. If you are building anywhere with unstable soil, call Allstate Screw piling contractors to secure the site.

We provide screw piling and other services for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Screw piles are also used to stabilise houses and buildings that are on hills, cliffs or other steep sites, or to protect tree roots.

Our Other Services

In addition to screw piling services, we provide excavation services, footing foundation work, welding services, slab preparation and other tasks that are often part of the screw piling process.

To learn more about our services or request an obligation-free quote, call us on 0418 149 306 or 03 5978 7221. You can also leave a message via our contact page.

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Our domestic, commercial and industrial screw piling services include

  • House slabs and footings (we can provide excavation prior to piling)
  • Factories
  • Angle of repose
  • Pools
  • Cliff bank stabilisation
  • Piled foundation as a root barrier due to heritage-listed trees
  • Anchoring down of foundations for signed billboards and light towers
  • Piling for jetties and boardwalks

Trust Allstate Screw Piling to complete every job on time and within budget! We have all the skills and machinery you need!

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